I grew up in a conservative home, but I was taught by my parents and teachers to examine the issues and think for myself. As a young man, I admired leaders like Scoop Jackson and Sam Nunn for their wisdom and ability to work with others to solve the challenges facing the American people.

As an undergraduate student at Princeton University, I learned how to collaborate on, research and create productive solutions to problems – no matter how daunting. I sharpened my analytical skills at UVA Law School. During my quarter century as a civil trial attorney, I learned the importance of listening and the value of empathy. When I taught law students at Florida A&M University, I was reaffirmed in my belief that regardless of backgrounds or beliefs, we can look past our differences to reach a common goal. As a professional mediator, I understand that nearly any dispute can be guided to a satisfactory resolution if the participants are reasonable. I will take these skills to Washington to fight for our shared values.

These are just some of the forces which have shaped me and some of the tools I will take to our nation’s capital. I’m now ready to embark on a mission of public service. This great country has given me much, and it’s time to give back. I’m ready to serve the people of Florida with leadership that benefits the entire country. I will be a strong voice for our shared values and work to build a United States where no one is left behind.

Along with my amazing wife, Stacey, I live in Levy County on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Together we are the parents of five boys, and we are all Native Floridians. After college, I returned to Florida because I know what an extraordinary place this is and how important it is to fight for the best interests of my fellow Floridians. Wherever I travel in our fine state, I’m confronted by the effects of a struggling education system, the scourge of substance abuse, the corrosive results of systemic poverty and the long-term impacts of power concentrated in the hands of corrupt, out-of-touch elites. I’m deeply disturbed by the lack of leadership in Washington, and, in particular, from our current Congressman. Florida should be a land of opportunity, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure it’s a fair place for all of us.

I’m running to stand up for the common man and woman, to stand up for the values that we cherish here in Florida. I want to give every Floridian a voice, but I can’t do it alone. When we work together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. With your generous donation, volunteer commitment and help spreading the word, we will send new leadership to Washington to fight for a United States that we can all be proud of. In the process, we’ll strengthen our Florida communities and enhance our quality of life for every family in the district.

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