Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida Endorses Brandon Peters

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida Endorses Brandon Peters

For Immediate Release: July 5, 2018

Today, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida announced its endorsement of Brandon Peters. The Caucus is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party.

Peters, a practicing attorney of twenty-six years and a mediator who resides in Levy County, is proud to accept the endorsement of the Progressive Caucus.

Susan Smith, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, made the following statement when releasing the first round of endorsements:
“We applaud all the Democratic candidates who are standing and being heard. Running for office is a huge undertaking and they are all to be commended. Too many seats have gone unchallenged in prior election cycles and we are grateful for our Democratic candidates’ commitment to the political process.”

To date, Peters as the frontrunner for the Democratic primary, has received several local, state, regional, and national endorsements. As the only candidate in this race to receive the endorsement from the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, Peters recognizes the significance. Upon the announcement of the endorsement, Brandon had the following statement:

“Folks from across the aisle in North and North Central Florida have a funny relationship with the term ‘Progressive.’ I like to tell people the most simple way to boil it down is just doing the right thing. In fact, my campaign and truly my entire career practicing law rely strongly on this notion that merely showing up isn’t enough. We have to be prepared to act.

“Today, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida joined with many other organizations in supporting our campaign to do the right thing by voters here in the Second Congressional District. By that, I mean actually representing them, fighting for their needs instead of for big lobbying interests, protecting our seniors, and in general being a responsible legislator. I’m proud to stand alongside so many other Progressives throughout this state as we push to bring Florida common sense and Progressive values to Washington.”

The Peters campaign continues to ramp up its field, fundraising, and outreach efforts in advance of the August Democratic primary and invites all interested parties to visit to learn more about Brandon and his community-driven campaign, including how to get involved in its grassroots efforts.


Contact: Steen Kirby, Communications Director

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