For Immediate Release: FEA Endorses Brandon Peters
FEA Endorses Brandon Peters

For Immediate Release: FEA Endorses Brandon Peters

For Immediate Release: August 9, 2018
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —The Florida Education Association today endorsed Democratic frontrunner for Congress Brandon Peters.  The FEA represents more than 140,000 Florida public school teachers, education support professionals, higher education faculty and student teachers.
“The Florida Education Association is proud to support Brandon Peters for Congress,” said FEA President Joanne McCall. “Brandon has shown he believes that our elected leaders must support opportunities for all students. He knows that your child’s future should not be left to chance.  Brandon knows that well-resourced public schools that are great places to be and learn are our best bet for setting every student in America on the path toward a great future.”

Peters, an attorney and professional mediator who lives in Levy County, is proud to accept the endorsement of FEA. Upon the announcement of the endorsement, Brandon said, “As I travel across the largest of Florida’s 27 congressional districts, I hear from many parents and teachers that the education system isn’t working as well as it should. A combination of bad policies initiated by Betsy DeVos and others, as well as inadequate funding, has left our students, teachers and parents feeling overwhelmed and unheard.”

“As your Congressman, one of my top priorities will be ensuring that educators have a seat at the table in all matters of education policy,” said Peters. “I’ll fight to improve teacher pay and working conditions and to give our local teachers a powerful voice in Washington.”

“We need to listen to teachers and parents, increase resources for schools that need them most, and amplify policies that have been successful in our local schools. My goal is to become “the education Congressman.”
Local teacher and Jackson County Education Association President Dave Galloway stated:
“As more and more of our tax dollars are shifted away from our public schools into vouchers for unaccountable private schools and for-profit charter schools, I have become a one-issue voter and staunch defender of public education.
“Brandon Peters is the one candidate who has sworn to stop the draining of our tax dollars away from our public schools. Peters understands that a teacher’s working conditions are our student’s learning conditions.”
Ahead of the August 28th primary, more than 15 leading statewide community organizations, national labor unions, and local labor unions have expressed their support for Brandon Peters’ campaign for Congress, and the campaign is blanketing the district with voter outreach ahead of the primary. With the unified support of organized labor behind it, the campaign is surging in the polls and has a clear path to victory in both August and November.
The Peters campaign has directly contacted more than 30,000 voters in the 2nd Congressional district. To learn more about Brandon and his Labor-backed campaign, including how to get involved in its grassroots efforts, visit
Contact: Steen Kirby, Communications Director
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