Brandon Peters Endorsed By AFSCME 1199 FPD

Brandon Peters Endorsed By AFSCME 1199 FPD

For Immediate Release: August 6, 2018

Today Democratic front runner Brandon Peters was endorsed by the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, AFSCME 1199 Federation of Physicians and Dentists, for both the primary and general election in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District.

AFSCME 1199 FPD represents City, State, and Federal employees in a variety of capacities in both the public and private sectors across the entire State of Florida.

Peters, an attorney and mediator who resides in Levy County, is proud to accept the endorsement of AFSCME 1199 FPD. Upon the announcement of the endorsement, Brandon had the following statement:
“I’m proud that the members of AFSCME decided to support our campaign to retire No-Show Neal Dunn in November. Income for working families in North and North Central Florida continues to stagnate, and our shared values with AFSCME represent a commitment to effect positive change within the various communities of the district by focusing on what matters to the folks who live here.

“I know that with AFSCME’s support, we can work together to forge a better path ahead for everyone.”

Samuel Neimeiser, Lead Organizer for AFSCME 1199 Federation of Physicians and Dentists, stated:
“Brandon Peters is determined to win. He has what it takes to defeat Neal Dunn. I’m glad our members support Brandon, because he truly is the candidate of the people, and a fighter for progressive values.

“From meeting him for the first time to now, we can say he truly is the most qualified candidate to be our Congressman. As an attorney and mediator, he understands the law very well, and how to hold people accountable. That’s why we’re supporting Brandon and his campaign for Congress, because we know he can work with people from any background and help create a solution that is in all of our interests.”

Ahead of the August 28th Democratic primary Brandon Peters continues to campaign throughout the 2nd Congressional District. With the unified support of organized labor behind him the campaign is surging in the polls and has a clear path to victory in both August and November.

The Peters campaign has directly contacted more than 30,000 voters in the 2nd Congressional district. To learn more about Brandon and his Labor-backed campaign, including how to get involved in its grassroots efforts, visit


Contact: Steen Kirby, Communications Director

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