AFL-CIO Council Recommends Endorsement of Brandon Peters For Congress

AFL-CIO Council Recommends Endorsement of Brandon Peters For Congress

For Immediate Release
May 14, 2018

The local AFL-CIO Council for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, passed a unified and full recommendation for the Florida AFL-CIO to endorse the Brandon Peters for Congress campaign at the upcoming statewide AFL-CIO endorsing convention. Peters, a Levy County Attorney and Mediator, is challenging the one-term incumbent Republican Congressman, Neal Dunn, as a Democrat. Peters is proud to fight for Florida’s working families in Washington.

Upon the significant announcement by the Council, which represents tens of thousands of workers and their unions in all nineteen counties of the district, Brandon Peters made the following statement:

“I’m honored to receive the support of the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor and the unions that comprise the local AFL-CIO Labor Council, in large and small communities alike, in every county and every city in our district. From Panama City to Tallahassee, to our southern boundary in Dunnellon, and the Forgotten Coast along the Gulf, garnering the early support of the labor movement and the hard-working people of the Second Congressional District has been extremely important to me since day one.

Organized labor has been on the forefront of meaningful social changes that have improved economic and social outcomes for workers and their families for more than 100 years. With the support of local unions and their members, I know I have a strong, diverse, and reliable movement for progress on my side for the rest of  this campaign. I am confident that by working together we will bring Florida common sense to Washington.  

Congressman Neal Dunn has let down the communities in our district by failing to push forward infrastructure investments, backing an irresponsible tax and spending policy, and opposing efforts to pass laws in Congress that would help all of Florida’s working families.

As I campaign across the district, I look forward to the continued opportunity to share our message of a better Florida – one with increased economic security, focused on improving education, bringing home good jobs, and a higher quality of life for every family.”

The campaign welcomes the involvement and support of organized labor members and their allies as we conduct a variety of volunteer activities in advance of the August Democratic Primary.


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