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Meet Brandon Peters

I grew up in a conservative home, but I was taught by my parents and teachers to examine the issues and think for myself. As a young man, I admired leaders like Scoop Jackson and Sam Nunn for their wisdom and ability to work with others to solve the challenges facing the American people.

Along with my amazing wife, Stacey, I live in Levy County on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We are both Native Floridians. Wherever I travel in our fine state, I’m confronted by the effects of a struggling education system, the scourge of substance abuse, the corrosive results of systemic poverty and the long-term impacts of power concentrated in the hands of corrupt, out-of-touch elites.

I’m running to stand up for the common man and woman, to stand up for the values that we cherish here in Florida. I want to give every Floridian a voice, but I can’t do it alone.

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Brandon’s Vision

Protecting Retirement and Empowering our Seniors

Saving and Improving Lives With Better Healthcare

Strengthening our Schools

Investing in our Infrastructure

Good Jobs and Economic Opportunity for All

Honoring our military and our veterans

Supporting Farming, Logging, Fishing, and Agriculture

Standing for Florida Values

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